While the internet offers kids (heck – ALL people) the ability to access an unbelievable amount of info these days, it has also broken down some of the barriers that once stood between children and material that they might find disturbing if exposed to at too young an age. Policing these borders of knowledge is of special concern in places where the internet is accessed by kids: schools and libraries, in particular. To control this, filtering software has been added to computers at those locations to block content deemed as “unsuitable”. Unfortunately, this filtering technology has proved to be far from perfect, as a blogger from England has pointed out in a recent post.

“On Monday, I was sitting in the British Library frantically trying to write my new book…[and] I had to quickly check a particular line in Hamlet, so I Googled Hamlet MIT, because the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has put the entire works of Shakespeare up on the Internet. (It takes 70 mins to order a physical book). I clicked on the link and…

A message came up from the British Library telling me that access to site was blocked due to ‘violent content.’”


The Bard barred for “violent content”?! Why, that’s bloody crazy!!!

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