Bad For You’s special Christmas countdown of twelve of the weirdest, most outrageous, totally craziest bans, blocks, recalls and protests ever over toys. We’re not saying some of them aren’t earned, but do you think ALL of these toys are dangerous? 

WHY IT WAS FUN: In 2002, Barbie’s oldest pal got a makeover, and returned to toy shelves with a bulging belly; curious kids could open Midge up and pull out the baby inside. Pretty cool. Then after playing dress-up with the newborn, they could stick it back inside Midge for easy storage. Even cooler. So how could that be dangerous?

 WHY IT WAS BAD: Some parents worried little girls would be programmed into becoming single teen moms. “There’s enough teenagers getting pregnant as it is,” one (older) mother complained to USA Today. “I think they’re glamorizing it, and it’s horrible.” But Midge was part of a “Happy Family,” sold alongside boy-doll Alan (he and Midge wed in 1991) and their child-doll Ryan. Nikki was the name of the fetus/baby. Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, feeling the pressure from protesting parents, pulled the baby – as well as the rest of the “Happy Family” – from their shelves two weeks before Christmas.

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