The longest-running sit-com in America, The Simpsons, still draws complaints from angry adults worried about its evil influence on kids, demanding that it be censored or removed from the air. (By the way, if those “kids” had started watching the show when it started and were around age 10 at the time, they would be 35 year old parents today!) A cool website,, which posts all sorts of weird and obscure documents from the government, got their hands on indecency complaints about The Simpsons to the Federal Communications Commission from 2010-13 (and the FCC is just the kind of government agency that people would complain to about stuff like that). While there’s a few nutso letters along the lines of “This pertains to things being said that I insist are about Me,” the complaints that caught the four eyes here at BAD FOR YOU were crazy in a whole nother way.

Consumer saw cannibalism and murder on the Simpsons. She said that there was a plot by the teacher to kill the father and the kids to kill the teacher.

How horrible! How frightening! Or, how could you miss that it’s all supposed to be funny?

She says that in the episode the whole town goes cannibalistic and begins to eat each other. The mother is advised to kill her daughter, which she does, with the understanding she can apologize to her in hell. The father Simpson is revered as a savior and he sings a song announcing he is gay and advises the population of men to, “find a man!”

They may not make you laugh as much as an episode of The Simpsons – but some of these complaints are pretty hilarious.

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