Anyone who knows me (me being co-author Scott Cunningham) knows I’m obsessed with Bigfoot. I even did a webcomic for a while called Lil’ Bigfoot. So if I see anything about this (probable) mythic creature, who also goes by the name Sasquatch, I simply must check it out. While the title of this new book, The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance and Other Real Laws, turns out to be a bit deceptive (it hardly anything about Bigfoot hunting in it), it still sounds like a great read. It also overlaps into territory covered in BAD FOR YOU, at least the parts of our book which focus on rules and regulations that rob kids of ways of having fun (and, in the long run, don’t seem to make a lot of sense). Our friends at Boing Boing do a good job and explaining what The Emergency Sasquatch is all about here.



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